Limness Warm-up 09


This is my fledgling launch into movie making. It records the first pre-warm-up sketch painted at the edge of my open garage.  The goal was to set-up, paint for 15 minutes and move to a new spot in the next 15 minutes, 24 times. It really did speed up my effort and helped me skip past some of the perfectionist agonies I tend to trip into.

It was followed by another 24 paintings, 15x24 inches as a second warm-up and then the real project began, September 1, 2009.

This painting journey was inspired by Suncage, who taught me so much about painting, feeling, and perseverance as his occasional encouragement, and watchful, distant eye followed me through the year.  

What a life it’s been since this pivotal trip to Europe, May 4 - July 24  2009

The full Limness journey is recorded in photo’s and journaling you can access through the blog archive.  An in-progress exhibit of 200 of the 300 sketches took place the first week of July 2010, in the Midway Town Hall, Midway, Utah, USA.

7 July 2009 - 15x24 - Pre-Warm-up to the Limness Contract